Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Palin: Build Up Missle Defense

h/t Carlos
Governor Palin Stresses Need for Strong Missile Defense Capability

April 6, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Responding to the missile test by North Korea, Governor Sarah Palin today reaffirmed Alaska’s commitment to protecting America from rogue nation missile attacks.

“I am deeply concerned with North Korea’s development and testing program which has clear potential of impacting Alaska, a sovereign state of the United States, with a potentially nuclear armed warhead,” Governor Palin said. “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that we continue to develop and perfect the global missile defense network. Alaska’s strategic location and the system in place here have proven invaluable in defending the nation.”

Governor Palin stressed the importance of Fort Greely and the need for continued funding for the Missile Defense Agency. The governor is firmly against U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ proposed $1.4 billion reduction of the Missile Defense Agency. Greely’s isolated location in Alaska as well as its strategic location in the Pacific allows for maximum security and development of the country’s only ground-based missile defense complex.

“Our early opposition to reduced funding for the Missile Defense Agency is proving to be well-founded during this turbulent time,” Governor Palin said. “I continue to support the development and implementation of a defensive missile shield based in Alaska. We are strategically placed to defend the critical assets of the United States and our allies in the Pacific Theater.”

Governor Palin also requested stimulus funding for the Kodiak Launch Complex. The Kodiak Launch Complex is a commercial rocket launch facility for sub-orbital and orbital space launch vehicles owned and operated by the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation, a public corporation of the State of Alaska.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Thanks for the h/t.

Been jonesing for more of those awesome vids you make!!!

Once again, Sarah was right about something and foreign policy to boot....wonder if Gibson, Couric, Williams/MSM/Nut Roots are going to notice, LOL????

snaggletoothie said...

I'm sure someone must be telling Obama what's going on in N. Korea. It would be even better if his public utterances reflected it. Oh well, maybe he just forgot. Good thing Sarah will remind him.

J. Smith said...


I'm working on a Sarah vid right now since you asked. :)

I hope it turns out ok. Not sure what kind of song to use... Oh well.

robert verdi said...

and she is right

Greg said...

Gov. Palin's right about this, as she is about increased domestic energy production, and most other things as well.

0bama right on top of things though, see how he refused to talk about the Somali pirates because he was talking about housing at the time? My guess is that they didn't have time to load anything about the pirates onto his teleprompter.