Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palin: What Do You People Want From Me?

Want a bagel? Buy it yourself!

Regarding the per diem and travel expense issues, Thomas Van Flein, counsel to the Governor Palin, has released a statement on the voluntary agreement between the Governor and the Personnel Board.

He states 4 key points:

(1) The Independent Counsel found no ethics violation, and no violation of the law.

(2) Independent Counsel did conclude that the law needs clarification and has referred the matter to the AG (attorney general) to write some regulations regarding travel.

(3) The Governor and Independent Counsel mutually agreed that some trips should be reimbursed to the state, not because of any violation of the law, but to comport with what we think the law will be and the new standard that will likely apply. The Governor is in fact complying with a standard that yet to be created, demonstrating her commitment to ethics.

(4) The Governor relied on experienced staff members for advice on protocol travel. The rules have been changing and there will be another change once the AG writes new regulations. The travel decisions here were all made in good faith. That is one of the reasons no law was violated.

What else do these people want from Sarah? Buy your own bagels!

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Carlos Echevarria said...

This has just gone beyond any rational debate.

Now she gives up a government car to drive her Jetta???

She had an accident last year and if she would have been in the Jetta she would have ended up in the hospital...